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Parallel Sounds with Rebecca Coleman

Parallel Sounds is a weekly, 1 hour radio program on SWR Triple 9 Sydney. A little left of the dial, and not quite mainstream.


Born out of dissatisfaction with commercial radio, and being fed the same old stuff day in and day out, your sleep deprived and hyper caffeinated host Bec made it a mission to share the music "parallel" to the mainstream.  Anything from classic '80s hardcore punk, to brand spanking new post-rock from Europe, genre-defining industrial and even some folk music. If it's worthy to be heard, I'll play it.


The 4am timeslot is only fitting after all, Parallel Sounds is for those living "parallel" to everyone else. No 9-5 Mon/Fri here. The night owls, early risers, sleep experiment victims and all the rest. Tune in, you may just find your new favourite band.


SWR Triple 9. 99.9 on the dial.

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