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Inphase with Paul Matthews

Inphase is one of the oldest radio programs in Australia, having commenced in 1987 and running on and off for over 30 years.

Over these years Inphase has taken many popular music formats. However there have always been these underlying motivations;

- Popular music which was very popular in it's time but quickly "fell off the radar" and has been rarely heard since

- Music receiving wide airplay elsewhere rarely features on Inphase;

- "Slam formatting", or the playing of very different songs, genres and eras right up against each other is very common;

- Music which emotionally grabs the listener;

- Special emphasis not on just the songs themselves but the sounds that make up that music and the processes used to record them.


Often copied but never imitated.

On INPHASE, it's more about what you will NOT hear, than what you do hear.




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