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Tuesdaily Show with Harry, Dylan, Adam

24/7 Tuesdaily Hotline: 1800 931 582
International: +61 2 9158 8683

The Tuesdaily Show is brought to you by a team of 3 hilariously funny (and good looking) young men! Harry Green, Dylan Caple, and Adam Staples.

Previously from Saturday Wake Up, they are now your Tuesdaily Trio! Broadcating a weekly hour of entertaining topics, dicussion around the latest news, competitions, and even giving away prizes!

The program aires exclusively on SWR 99.9 FM every single Tuesday from 6-8 PM!


Regular Content

Win From The Bin: It's your turn to win up to $100 from a gameshow we blended together in the local garbage can!

Paralell Plays: We judge and compare two songs that sound the same, but aren't... somehow?

Fact Snacks: An ever-so nutricious fact for you to consume! Some folks refer to this as our "Fact of The Week."

On This Day: What happened today, 143 years ago?

Adam's Top Famous Birthdays: Famously presented by Adam Staples, "It's the best part of the show!", someone famous celebrates a birthday everyday, find out who it is this Tuesday!

Comedy Time: Just some daggy ol' dad jokes!

We also talk about: Interesting conversations, personal experiences and more exciting things!


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